ANCO President General Advises Dr. Alex Otti Not To Be Carried Away By Adulations

... Ahead of his One Year in Office

Elder Sunny Nwosu (President General, All Ngwa Cultural Organization, ANCO)



ANCO President General Advises Dr. Alex Otti Not to be Carried Away by Adulations
 Ahead of his One Year in Office 

The President General of All Ngwa Cultural Organization, ANCO, Elder Dr. Sunny Nwosu has bared his mind on the One Year in Office of the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR).

In spite of the deluge of encomium coming the way of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti because of his remarkable performance in his one year anniversary, Elder Dr. Sunny Nwosu has advised him not to be carried away by the overwhelming thumbs-up stressing that a lot still need to be done in Abia State.

The renowned public commentator said that the journey has just started despite all that he has done in the state so far and urged him not to be distracted by the overwhelming adulations from sycophants and people who do not mean well for the state.

Elder Dr. Sunny Nwosu reeled off so many areas he would want the governor to concentrate on to enhance his rising profile and scorecard.

According to him, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti should pay more attention to agriculture, security, education, construction of rural roads, establishment of mini towns among others. Excerpts.

Sir, let us meet you.
I am Elder Dr. Sunny Nwosu, the President General of All Ngwa Cultural Organization, ANCO.

What is your take on Dr. Alex Otti’s One Year in Office?
The Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) has done some roads and other things in the state within his one year in office. We commend him for all that he has done and also request him to do more. We expect him to construct or rehabilitate more roads in the days ahead, especially some rural roads like the one from Okpuala Ngwa through Obikabia down to Aba. It is one of the best routes to Aba. It is popular and strategic in the socio-economic well being of the people and the state. If it is done motorists would prefer to ply the route instead of the express road.

Again, he should embark on the development of mini towns such as Nbawsi, Okpuala Ngwa and Omoba like he promised us without delay. They would help to decongest Aba. If you travel to Port Harcourt, Rivers State you would notice that Port Harcourt township has been extended to Imo River to the extent that you cannot differentiate Imo River from Port Harcourt once you cross Abia State. Our expectation is that the same thing should happen to Abia State. Aba Township should reach Imo River too.

Apart from road construction and rehabilitation, Dr. Alex Otti should pay attention to public schools in the state. They are nothing to write home about. I thought that some of these schools would have been given serious attention in his first one year in office. The roofs of the public schools in the state are blown off while the teachers teach under the trees. We hope that he would do something about the terrible situation in his second year in office because as from his third year he would start talking about his re-election. So whatever he wants to achieve should be done now.

He should also beef-up security in the state, especially Aba and Umuahia where kidnapping and assassination are rearing their ugly heads in recent times. God blessed us with peace and security in Abia State in the past eight years of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration. Prior to that time there was a lot of insecurity in the state such as kidnapping, assassination and armed robbery. So he should ensure that we continue to enjoy the peace and security we enjoyed in the past eight years. I think what people expect from government is not much and if they are done they would be happy. It is just all about road, security and education.

We know that Rome was not built in a day but we expect that major things should be done first.

Look at Waterside, Aba. He should consider constructing a flyover there. If you go to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, you would see many flyovers. If he can construct a flyover at Waterside, it will help to reduce accidents and loss of lives there. Again, let him not start something he cannot finish because most often what we see in Nigeria is that when someone starts a project and could not complete it, his successor would abandon it and it becomes a waste of fund. Government is a continuum but it is not practiced here in Nigeria, mostly Abia State. He should be more open and accommodating. Once, you are a governor, you are like a father of everybody in that state. He should accommodate all. He should not listen to sycophants because they would advise him wrongly.

What is your parting word?
I know he is going for second term and what would help him is what he did in his first term. So he should sustain his good works in the state.