One Year in Office: Dr. Alex Otti has Surpassed Our Expectations

-Comrade Obinna Ewuzie (Chairman, Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji)


One Year in Office:

Dr. Alex Otti has Surpassed Our Expectations

-Comrade Obinna Ewuzie

(Chairman, Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji)

The chairman of Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji, Comrade Obinna Ewuzie has hailed Dr. Alex Chioma Otti’s One Year in Office as the Governor of Abia State.

According to the renowned International businessman and ebullient Director of New Day Hotel and Suites, Ariaria junction, Aba, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) has surpassed their expectations and put his detractors to shame with his monumental achievements in different parts of the state, especially Aba and Umuahia.

In a chat with newsmen, the young, handsome, amiable, indefatigable, visionary and quintessential chairman of the popular Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji said that Dr. Alex Otti’s re-election in 2027 is assured going by his quality leadership and unparalleled achievements in the state. He also spoke on his own achievements in the market since he mounted the saddle. Excerpts.

Sir, let us meet you.
My name is Comrade Obinna Ewuzie. I am the chairman of Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji. I hail from Ozubulu in Anambra State. I am an international businessman. I have travelled to so many countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and so on. By the special grace of God, I am the Director of New Day Hotel and Suites, Ariaria junction, Aba.

What is your take on Dr. Alex Otti’s One Year in Office?
We are very happy with Dr. Alex Chioma Otti’s quality leadership and remarkable transformation of Abia State within his one year in office. In fact, words are inadequate to express our gratitude to God for giving us Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) as the Governor of Abia State. He has wiped away tears from our eyes by fulfilling his campaign promises to us sooner than expected. Just within one year in office, Dr. Alex Otti has transformed Abia State and accomplished so many feats, which hitherto were considered impossible. Time may fail us if I begin to reel out a catalogue of his monumental achievements in the state within his one year in office, especially Aba and Umuahia.

Nevertheless, let me quickly point out some of his achievements, which have really proved that he is well-prepared to govern Abia State.

Immediately on his assumption of office, he commenced with the clearing of mountains of refuse that littered the major roads and streets of Aba and Umuahia left behind by the immediate past administration of the state. Today, Aba is wearing a new look and the derogatory name-tag ‘Aba Dirty’ is now a thing of the past.

Secondly, prior to his assumption of office, workers and pensioners in the state were owed backlog of unpaid salaries and pension arrears respectively. But today, they are happy and grateful to Dr. Alex Otti as their salaries and pension arrears are paid to them regularly before the end of every month.

Again, the era of ghost worker syndrome is gone in the state because of the introduction of biometric verification exercise including touting and multiple taxation.

He has restored sanity in the state and given top priority attention to road construction and rehabilitation, especially in Aba and Umuahia.

Within his one year in office he has reconstructed and commissioned over seventeen roads in Aba alone including the award of the contract for the reconstruction of the long-abandoned Port Harcourt Road, Aba to renowned construction giant in Nigeria, Julius Berger.

The gesture is indeed an eloquent testimony of his determination to rejuvenate infrastructure in Aba and restore the city to its former glory as the commercial hub of the nation and the ‘Japan of Africa’.

As I speak with you, the first phase has been completed while the second phase has commenced without delay.

Similarly, the groundbreaking commissioning of Aguiyi Ironsi Boulevard – the first six-lane road in the state formerly known as Mission Hill-Ossah Road in Umuahia – is the beginning of greater things to come.

Dr. Alex Otti’s Giant Strides in road construction and rehabilitation is commendable. It is characterized by a commitment to delivering quality and durable roads with streetlights and drainage on both sides.

Apart from road construction and rehabilitation, Dr. Alex Otti’s administration has recorded unprecedented milestones in other key sectors of the state such as health, education, security, trade and investment.

In terms of trade and investment, our market-friendly Governor has given Abia Markets a major face-lift leading to ease of doing business and increasing commercial activities. With all that he has done for traders in the state, nobody who wants to come to Alaoji today would say he or she could not come because of bad road.

We, the executive and entire traders of Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji are indeed very happy to be associated with him. He has really made us proud.

Before we used to wonder when our sufferings in the state would end without knowing that God has sent him to come and deliver us from bondage in the hands of PDP’s 24 years misrule in Abia State.

Today, the narrative has changed and everybody in Abia State is happy and proud of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti saying that they have not had it so good like this since the creation of Abia State.

Above all, the days of sharing money belonging to Abia State among few persons are over.

Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) is a prudent manager of scarce resources. He is using Abia State meagre resources to work for the people unlike those before him whose tenures were marked by profligacy and lack of accountability.

Dr. Alex Otti is a man of his words – the ‘Ekwueme’ Governor of Abia State. We are solidly behind him and like Oliver Twist expect more good works from him in his second year in office.

Our prayer is that God would continue to strengthen him in his determination to transform Abia State.

Can you tell us some of the things you have done in the market since your appointment?
Thank you very much. I like that question. First of all, I want to appreciate the Governor of Abia State, His Excellency, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) for finding me worthy to pilot the affairs of Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji.

I also appreciate the Commissioner for Trade and Investment, Dr. Chimezie Isaac Ukaegbu and others for their support. I promise that I will not disappoint the confidence reposed in me.

Coming to my achievements in the market, I think the traders are very happy with my appointment and all that we have achieved so far including unity, love and peace. Before my appointment, we lacked so many things in the market such as gates, toilets, light, water among others.

But immediately I mounted the saddle I swung into action and made sure that all the things we needed in the market were provided to the admiration of all the traders.


One of the major entrance gates into the market


Today, we have mounted many solid gates in different parts of the market to ensure safety of our goods without collecting money from the traders. The two big entrance gates alone cost about N1.5million.

We also installed over twenty solar – powered lights in the market to provide adequate security and ease of doing business at night. Each of the solar-powered light cost N350, 000.00 then. Today, if you come to the market around 7.00pm you would ask yourself if you are actually at Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji or elsewhere.

When I wanted to mount the solar-powered lights, I informed the Commissioner for Trade and Investment, Dr. Chimezie Isaac Ukaegbu and he encouraged me to go ahead and when I finished doing so I also told him about it and he was happy.

We also graded one of the roads in the market (Fidelity Bank Road) that was so bad to ensure free-flow of both human and vehicular traffic.

We do not have running water in the market. The borehole that was donated to the market by former Governor of Abia State, Chief T. A. Orji was not functional but we resuscitated it when we came on board and today, water is running in the market.

On-going construction of public toilets in the market


We do not have public convenience here in the market before. But we have commenced the construction of public toilets in the market.

The traders are happy and proud of all we have achieved in the market within one year in office. And the beauty of it all is that the traders were not levied a dime.

What would you like to be remembered for in the market?
I want to leave an enviable legacy in the market. I have come to serve selflessly, not to enrich myself or to share money to people. I will serve both the government and traders well. To this end, I appeal to the traders to join hands with us in taking the market to a greater height.

What is your parting word?
I want to appreciate the 20-member executive and entire traders of Asa-Nnentu Motor Spare Parts Market, Alaoji for their love and support. I also want to tell them and the entire people and residents of Abia State that hope has come. Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) is God-send. Let us sustain our support for him by paying all government approved taxes and levies to enable him to continue to provide more dividends of democracy to us. We will return him unopposed come 2027 because of his good works in the state.