Bro. Ekene Nwaneli Lays A New Spiritual Foundation for Awka-Etiti Indigenes in Aba

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli's awesome miraculous powers and incredible spiritual insights pull mammoth crowd at a two-day spiritual programme in Aba

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli (Agu Jesus)

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli Lays A New Spiritual Foundation for Awka-Etiti Indigenes in Aba

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli’s awesome miraculous powers and incredible spiritual insights pull mammoth crowd at a two-day spiritual programme in Aba

The Ihembosi, Anambra State-born powerful man of God, Bro. Ekene Nwaneli popularly known as ‘Agu Jesus’ is now the talk of the town.

Wherever you go across the nation, his name is on the lips of many Nigerians both the young and the old because of his amazing spiritual feats and earth-shattering prophesies.

The popular, young, humble, ebullient, bold, indefatigable and no-nonsense man of God proved beyond all doubts that his awesome spiritual power is no magic or Tales by Moonlight as he set Aba-the commercial nerve-centre of Abia State on fire at a two-day power-packed spiritual programme.

The life transforming programme tagged: ‘Pursue, Overtake and Recover All taken from 1Samuel 30:8 was organized by the people of Awka-Etiti in Aba to seek the face of God and to re-dedicate their lives to Him.

It held inside Awka-Etiti Improvement Union Hall at No. 5, Clifford Road, Aba on Friday, November 3, 2023 and ended on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

It featured divine healing, deliverance, salvation, breaking of curses, family reunion, anointing for fruit of the womb, powerful messages, prophecies among others.

The hitherto serene ambience of the place came alive with the influx of people from all walks of life who came to seek solutions to their numerous physical and spiritual problems through the hand of the mighty man of God and renowned protocol breaker.

The first day of the programme was full of anointing and the power of God’s Holy Spirit moved in unimaginable ways.

It commenced with special soul-lifting and mountain-moving songs dished out by the popular C. B. I. U Band from St. Paul’s Parish, Abaukwu and when the arena was filled with the Holy Spirit, the man of God said that his coming to Aba was a miracle because it is not easy for people to pull him out of his base.

He told them that they are blessed to have him in their midst and urged them to key into the flow of his anointing and the power in the blood of Jesus Christ that breaks every yoke to overcome their spiritual apathy.

He reminded them that they did not gather there for frivolities or for political or business meeting but for a serious spiritual matter.

He said that those that are in the spirit control the physical and urged them to repent for them to understand what is happening in the physical.

He declared that they are blessed starting from that day while those that had been withholding their blessings over the years would be arrested and their blessings restored to them in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thereafter, he informed them that they would receive a call from the village informing them that all the bad people tormenting their lives have died after the two-day programme.

Continuing, he said that it is impossible to do the will of God if they cannot read and understand the Bible.

According to him, if they are created in the likeness of God, they should examine their lives to know where they have erred, then repent and beg God for forgiveness because God is a consuming fire.

He said that the world is coming to an end and urged them to repent without further delay and embrace the light of God, which he said is very important for their salvation and would also help them to see the direction God wants them to go, to identify their enemies, to Pursue, Overtake and Recover All.

He emphasized that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light and no one can come to the Father except through him adding that Jesus Christ would show them the way to Pursue, Overtake and Recover All if they surrender their lives to him. (John 1:11-12)

He urged those still serving demons, mermaids, ancestral spirits and evil doers to receive Jesus Christ so that their lives would have meaning.

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli pointed out that it had been long they started hearing the Word of God but have refused to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Thereafter, he declared that the power of light would destroy the power of darkness that had enveloped them for so long and prevented them from advancing both spiritually and physically.

After some time, Bro. Ekene Nwaneli filled with the Holy Spirit started moving round the hall making prophetic declarations and arresting demon-possessed souls.

He revealed to one young man that he saw an ancient altar in his father’s compound where they made incantations that he would not marry.

He prayed for him and assured him that the plan of his enemies has been cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ.

Another incident was his encounter with one Amaka from Imo State.

When he called out the name, Amaka with a loud voice, two women bearing the same name, Amaka rushed out.

He was surprised to see both of them but when he chipped in ‘Imo State’, ‘Imo State’ one of the women went back to her seat while the other remained behind.

His encounter with her then began on a cheering note when he told her that she had not enjoyed up to ten percent in her marriage and she said yes.

He went ahead to tell her that someone was responsible for her unhappy marriage and assured her that before the end of the following day that all the good things expected in a happy marriage would be restored in her own marriage.

She was so happy and shouted a thunderous Amen. But little did she know that her joy would suddenly turn to sorrow as the man of God contrary to all expectations asked her a question that threw her off-balance and shattered her life and momentary joy.

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli told her bluntly that while he was praying for her that he saw a hindrance adding that whenever he is praying for anybody and sees a hindrance that he would  without fail reverse the prayer because of the hindrance.

He then asked her why he terminated her pregnancy and she tearfully said that she had no reason for doing that.

He told her that the aborted child was a prophet and he told her that he has reversed everything about her and asked her to go back to her seat.

The woman was highly disappointed and continued to beg him to help her but he told her that he works according to direction of the Holy Spirit.

While the woman was still begging him, he confronted one lady he described as an old marine spirit.

He asked her so many questions such as: What is your name? Where do you hail from? What do you do for a living? Are your parents alive or dead? Do you have siblings and many more to unravel her real identity.

She told him that her parents were dead and that she has only one surviving brother.

Bro. Ekene said that she had been responsible for the untimely death of so many men that came her way adding that she cannot do anything on her own volition except what the marine spirit possessing her told her to do.

He asked her to shout the name of Jesus Christ several times to set her free.

Thereafter, he prayed for her and told her to come with her brother the following day so as to save him too.

Next was the case of a man who he said was not treating his wife well. According to him, his wife is a very good woman and he asked him why he was not treating her well and always quarrelling with her.

He confessed to him and promised to begin to treat his wife very well, henceforth.

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli told him to reconcile genuinely with his wife so that it would be well with him, and in the spirit of his professed new love for her, he asked him to transfer money to her account right away, which he did immediately with excitement.

After that Bro. Ekene asked one young man who he told to chase him in the hall after he caught him whether he was a tenant or landlord.

He told him that he was a tenant and Bro. Ekene Nwaneli prophesied to him that he would be a landlord in two years time starting from that moment and asked him to mark the date of his prophecy and see if it would not come to fulfilment.

There were so many other encounters, deliverances, change of destinies, confessions, salvations, reconciliations and family reunions while so many people fell down under powerful anointing.

Those who belong to one society or club as well as some red cap chiefs were not left out as they succumbed to the anointing and the power in the blood of Jesus Christ that breaks every yoke.

He prayed for many of them who repented after renouncing their membership of various clubs for the light of God to shine in their lives.

He also warned those intending to join one club or another not to do so and called on those who are already members to come out immediately to escape everlasting destruction.

There was a dramatic incident between Bro. Ekene Nwaneli and one young man with dreadlocks.

Bro. Ekene saw him from afar and beckoned on him to come out. He went out and Bro. Ekene Nwaneli asked him what he does with his money and he said nothing.

Then Bro. Ekene put it to him that he squanders his money on Bet9ja, alcohol, drugs and women adding that his lifestyle has led to frequent misunderstanding between him and his elder brother.

The young man denied it and at that point Bro. Ekene Nwaneli asked him to call his elder brother who happened to be inside the hall and he came out immediately.

The man of God asked him if he used to quarrel with his younger brother over money-related issue but he said no.

But when Bro. Ekene Nwaneli asked them to go back to their seats since they were not having any misunderstanding between themselves they opened up.

He asked the elder brother if he was ready to forgive him and he said yes.

He turned to the younger brother and asked him to apologize to his elder brother and he did just so.

He asked the younger brother if he was ready to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour as well as to be delivered from the spirit of Bet9ja, womanizing and alcoholism and he said yes.

He told him to go and barb his dreadlocks immediately and come back for prayers and deliverance.

The young man dashed out of the hall to go and barb his dreadlocks.

When he came back to the hall after barbing it many people did not recognize him again. The episode drew resounding applause.

The highpoint of that day’s powerful session was the destruction of the old foundation of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union Hall, Aba Branch and the laying of a new spiritual foundation.

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli said that he saw where the leaders of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch were crying.

He explained that when a leader is crying it means that nothing is moving but when a leader is rejoicing that means something is happening.

He declared divine visitation upon their lives and restoration of their positions in the name of Jesus Christ.

He ordered seven seats to be brought out and he asked seven leaders of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch to come out.

He told the chairman of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch to sit down on the seven seats one after the other and shout that it is permanent in the mighty name of J-E-S-U-S. After him, another person did the same thing till the last person.

Thereafter, he declared a new foundation for Awka-Etiti, Aba Branch in the name of Jesus Christ and invoked the anointing of a new foundation to begin to flow henceforth from the crown of their heads to the sole of their feet.

He said that the new foundation is all-embracing and would extend to their lives, families, businesses as well as destinies stressing that the foundation of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union Hall at No. 5, Clifford Road, Aba would never be the same again.

Hear him: “It is going to be a new and solid foundation because those occult masters behind it are going to be arrested in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”.

The second day,
Saturday, November 4, 2023 was a day to remember. The destiny of so many people was re-written as a result of divine visitation.

The turn-out was unprecedented following the widespread news of Bro. Ekene Nwaneli’s incredible spiritual exploits the previous day.

The programme commenced with testimonies when the man of God arrived at 12.00 noon.

Some of those who gave testimonies included Nwanneka Ibegbulam, Benedict Chukwu, Okeke Chinonyerem, Mazi Ejike Obiegbunam and Nneoma Okafor. After several testimonies, songs and praises followed as well as offering.

Thereafter, Bro. Ekene Nwaneli informed them that they would witness more signs and wonders than what happened yesterday as he began to tell them that nobody can stop them from recovering what is theirs.

He prayed that wherever they are that they must recover what is theirs and Pursue, Overtake their enemies and Recover All in the name of Jesus Christ.

He asked them to lift up their hands and when they lifted up their hands he told them that just like Moses lifted up his hands and the Israelites gained victory that victory is already theirs in the name of Jesus Christ.

He said that their families that had been losing the battle for years would earn victory over their enemies in the name of Jesus Christ.

He declared that their spiritual lives that had been down for so many years ago would be restored through anointing.

He assured them that any spirit wrestling against their lives, families, businesses, places of work or education would fail in Jesus name.

He told the people of Awka-Etiti present that day to listen to him very well adding that he would say what he wanted to tell them in Igbo language for them to understand it very well.

He informed them that when he peeped into the spirit yesterday that so many of them were lying flat on their bellies signifying that Awka-Etiti, Aba Branch is spiritually diminished and demolished.

He declared that as sons and daughters of victory it was not supposed to be so and told them that if they believe that they are sons and daughters of victory, let their Amen and Amen tear down the hall.

After that he said to them that they were going to sing facing each other and as they did that every stronghold would be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ and God would give attention to all their problems including viewers who were connected to the live programme all over the world.

He commanded all ancestral demonic strongholds to collapse and for over one hour they sang facing each other and clapping their hands together while the man of God continued to yell at them as sons and daughters of God to Pursue, Overtake and Recover All and activate their spiritual life in the Trinity.

Continuing, he said that the financial barriers in their businesses and families have been broken and favour would come to them from the east, west, north and south.

He told them that they have come out of darkness into light adding that customers would begin to come to their shops henceforth more than ever before and profit must know their names and their shops.

After some time, the atmosphere suddenly changed and the man of God said that the Ekene they know is not the Ekene that is talking now as he shouted, ‘Ifeanyi’, ‘Ifeanyi’.

As Ifeanyi rushed out to meet him, he told him that they wanted to convey his corpse to the village for burial this December and he asked him to say ‘I will not die. My enemy will die’ severally. 

He prayed for him and assured him that the evil machination against his life has been cancelled.

The next was the case of one Ifeyinwa. He said that the anointing that was supposed to flow to her was being held back by one man.

Nevertheless, he assured her that his anointing is a protocol breaker and declared that her womb is now open for conception in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thereafter, he said that they were going to arrest some demons that had been causing all sorts of problem to the people.

He declared that every dragon in the hall shall die and immediately he accosted one man and asked him what he went to do at a native doctor’s house and the man denied ever visiting a native doctor.

Even when he told the man point-blank that he would die if he refused to open up, he kept on saying that he did not visit any native doctor.

The man of God asked him if he did not visit any native doctor how did he give him something and he insisted on knowing what the native doctor gave him.

But he still denied that he did not visit any native doctor how much more receiving anything from him.

The man of God then told him without mincing words that since he has remained adamant and did not want to embrace the last opportunity God had given him to repent that he would die ten days after the programme unfailingly.

On hearing that fear gripped members of his family as well as the people of Awka-Etiti present and they rushed out, crying and begging him to open up to save both his life and his family from mourning.

At that point the man admitted that he actually went to the house of a native doctor but he did not disclose what he gave him.

Instead he said that he had returned the thing the native doctor gave him to Elele in Rivers State and begged the man of God for forgiveness.

Bro. Ekene Nwaneli left him and arrested another dragon whose case was more complicated and involved a whole family in Awka-Etiti, which he recalled gave him tough time when they invited him at their place for family deliverance.

He bitterly regretted that the matter came up almost at the tail-end of the programme when he had little or no time to handle it. He asked them to go while he attended to other cases.

The two-day spiritual programme was a huge success. The hall was exquisitely decorated by Myrrh Bridal and Events Planner while Zelvies Videos from Lagos and his crew covered it.

Members of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union (A. I. U), Aba Branch provided snacks and water to the large participants throughout the two-day programme, which climaxed with blessing of water, which the man of God commanded them to drink for cleansing and healing.

At the end, the participants said that the programme left an indelible mark both on their physical and spiritual lives.

According to them, they experienced an awe-inspiring spiritual resurgence in their lives more than ever before adding that the programme provided more strength to them to cope in a world filled with numerous challenges, wickedness and spiritual apathy.

Some of those whose cases were not concluded consulted the man of God at the private residence where he lodged till Monday when he departed Aba.

Chief Barth Azubuike Madubuko, JP
(Grand Patron, Ekeoha Shopping Centre, Aba)

In his remarks, one of the major facilitators of the two-day power-packed spiritual programme and Grand Patron of Ekeoha Shopping Centre, Aba, Chief Barth Azubuike Madubuko (JP) described it as a turning point in the history of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch.

He said that it came at the right time taking into consideration that they would be travelling home very soon for the Yuletide and New Year celebrations when the need for divine protection appears to be more pressing so that those waiting to harm them on arrival in the village would be put to shame by God.

He appreciated the people for turning out en masse throughout the programme as well as the powerful man of God for his amazing spiritual feats, uncommon courage in exposing evil doers and life-transforming messages adding that God would continue to bless and strengthen him in his mission to save mankind from everlasting destruction.

He urged the people of Awka-Etiti in Aba not to be forgetful hearers alone but doers of the word so that the immense blessings of the programme would be permanent and continue to bear more fruits in their lives.

Chukwudum Augustine Okeke (MD, Diamond Towers (Nig.) Ltd

Speaking, another facilitator of the programme, Chukwudum Okeke, the Managing Director of Diamond Towers (Nig.) Limited described the programme as the first of its kind in the annals of Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch.

He described Bro. Ekene Nwaneli as a true man of God who is not afraid to expose evil men and their evil practices no matter whose ox is gored.

He said that as long as people like Bro. Ekene Nwaneli continue to spit fire the Kingdom of Darkness shall not prevail.

He enjoined the people of Awka-Etiti in Aba to let the spiritual benefits gained from the programme to do fine works in their lives, families and businesses.

The programme attracted the presence of so many illustrious sons and daughters of Awka-Etiti including Prof. Obiajulu Emejulu, the Executive Director of National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN), Aba, Chief Sir Solomon Onyekachukwu Mbonu (chairman, Awka-Etiti Improvement Union, Aba Branch), Sir Anthony Azuka Onuchukwu (Okanu mee of Awka-Etiti/immediate past chairman of A. I. U, Aba Branch), Ifeanyichukwu Okeke (General Secretary, A. I. U, Aba Branch), Ikechukwu Umechukwu (Treasurer, A. I. U, Aba Branch), Sir Anthony Obidike, Chief Cyprian Anyabolu, Chukwuma Okeke, Ekene Okeke (Chief Omeogo), Ezinne Patricia Igwediebube, Mrs. Franca Amamchukwu, Mrs. Ogochukwu Nwafor among others.