Sunny Nwosu Tells FG to Fix Economy Instead of Sharing Palliatives

Elder Sunny Nwosu (President General, All Ngwa Cultural Organization, ANCO)


Sunny Nwosu Tells FG to Fix Economy Instead of Sharing Palliatives

The President General of All Ngwa Cultural Organization (ANCO), Elder Dr. Sunny Nwosu has called on the Federal Government to address the factors responsible for the prevailing high cost of food instead of sharing palliatives to the populace.

According to the renowned public commentator such measure is demeaning and portrays the populace as beggars.

He also spoke on the gargantuan security challenges facing the nation and depreciation of naira. Excerpts.


The nation’s economy is in distress. The high rate of dollar has affected everything in the nation even the price of vegetables. Today, you cannot buy N200.00 vegetable to cook soup. It sells from N500.00 and above because of dollar.

Imagine, one dollar is above N1,500.00 today. I do not know why our naira should fall so low. The difference is too much.

Again, the price of fuel is too high. It has also affected the economy adversely. If the refineries are resuscitated, I think it would bring down the price of fuel because the cost of transporting it to where it is refined as well as bringing it back would be eliminated.

Millions of Nigerians are really facing hard times in the country today. People now sell their children in order to get money to eat and train their other children.

I remember when something like that happened in the Bible, the king of that place nearly killed himself on hearing that. But our leaders are not perturbed by the outcry of the citizenry.

So I call on leaders of the nation to wake up and do something to reduce the high cost of food and the continued depreciation of the naira to avoid chaos in the nation because when people are pushed to the wall they will definitely fight back.

Let the Federal Government try and restore confidence in the economy by pumping money into areas that would benefit the people readily such as reduced transportation cost, cutting down school fees, provision of steady power supply for production of goods among others.

They should provide job opportunities for the teeming populace so that people would work, earn income and use their money to cater for themselves and not sharing palliatives to them.

Sharing of palliatives to the populace is not the solution to the nation’s problem. We are not in war situation where reliefs are shared. After the civil war sharing of reliefs stopped and people went back to their places of work or business. They earned income and provided food and other basic necessities for their families.

You do not expect a man to fold his hands and begin to chase another man about just to get a relief of rice, beans or indomie to feed his family. The situation is so deplorable. They want to treat millions of Nigerians as beggars. After eating their rice or beans what next.

Nobody should expect the President to share rice to them. That is not why he is there. He is there to create opportunities for people to feed themselves. He cannot feed everybody. Even if he shares fifty million bags of rice it would not go round. It is only few people that can chase politicians about just to get rice or beans. That is not the solution at all. Even giving people N25, 000.00 is not the solution. He should fix the economy let people fend for themselves.


The security situation of the nation is worrisome. Kidnapping is the order of the day.

For example, here in the Southeast, herdsmen are busy kidnapping people anyhow.

A fortnight ago, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU), Prof. Godwin Emezue was kidnapped and his abductors earlier demanded a ransom of N35million, which was later reduced to N2Omillion. Assuming he was unable to raise such amount of money they would have killed him.

Everyone is now a target because of the level it has reached. They can even kidnap someone and say bring N1 million or N500, 000.00 before they would set the person free.

The President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu should tackle the factors responsible for the escalating security challenges of the nation.

For example, the terrible economic situation of the nation has forced so many people into kidnapping. If he fixes the economy today, it would have a positive impact on the populace and the security challenges would reduce drastically.